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The other thing that helped inspire this idea was an incident we had at a restaurant in Hilo, Hawaii on our honeymoon. -What was one dangerous thing you did as a kid that you didn’t tell your parents about? TJ and I had been driving alllllll day and we finally stopped at this burger stand that was really local and totally amazing for dinner. There is a guaranteed 0 in cash prizes awarded and possibly more.If students are caught cheating or trying to give each other answers they will be disqualified.Some of these things included: spin around in a circle 3 times; jump up and down; be a cat; etc. – What do you most wish the other person knew about you?

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Below I round up the best dating shows of the 90's for a reminder of the incredible fashion, music, and celebs of the day. Make sure to get a good look at the guy with the long curly perm and a lace-up Renaissance top in the clip. At certain times there are contests to see who will get to compete in the game 4-6 Couples compete and the top 2 or 3 couples win cash prizes depending on how many couples are playing.Students write down their answers on paper and clipboards that are provided and then reveal their answers after their significant other has said what they think their partner answered. In the second half of the game single people compete to try and find someone to go on a date with.(I can already hear the wheels in Chris Harrison's brain turning over a *Bachelor: Seniors* spin-off.) __What would you rather try: a dating show or the [astrology dating app](/sex-love-life/blogs/smitten/2015/05/align-astrology-dating-app)?Couples compete to answer questions about each other and singles compete and answer questions about who they would like to date.

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